Surfacing the depth of existence through artistic media.

  • Media


    A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture—often with the aim of conveying a particular phenomenon, theme, or meaning represented by the meme. | More at Wikipedia

    Photography by Dustin Morby

    • Surfacing

      Lava Lava | The Metaphysical Set

      Metaphysical exercise sessions in thought, through songs and images. Song cards will contain images by artists with work relating to and/or inspired by the songs. Lyrics will be on the reverse side of the song card artwork, along with a link to download the audio for free. Sets will be chosen and arranged by the interpretors, or audience, through selecting song card images that resonate with them.

  • Statement

    I Am.


    Lava Lava.


    I Am.


    The Blood of the Earth.


    It emerges into lives suddenly while devouring our terrain of consciousness.


    It draws people in with it's warmth... until Love is fully realized, we must dissolve our Self to continue with Her.


    In the wake of tales are faded and burnt memories fertile for new growth.


    We must become a united slow flowing and heart glowing vessel of Mother Earth's Will.

    • Intent

      Through Lava Lava, a flow of media and live performances will spark inspiration in others to seek and create more intentionally.


      The balancing combination of  performance art, singer/songwriter interactive material, and unique digital media outlets will allow an intriguing artist/fan relationship.


      This evolves and relates to each through whatever artistic channel is harmonic in experience.

  • Contact

    Lava Lava offers rare performance art for any space. The intent is to share in deep thought about metaphysical insights, all parties being student/teacher.


    Every performance is curated to the client and space. Lava Lava is part of a collective offering performance services to inspire more intentional living.


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